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AbuAshara Group of Companies

Abu Ashara Supermarkets chain
The first branch of the chain was established in 1969 that used to be a center for Hurghada citizens, tourists and boats to satisfy their needs of food and beverages where there was a few number of touristic villages. In 1984 Sakala branch was estabilished in the biggest square and most attractive center in Hurghada . Expansion of the chain took place in parallel to the growing investment until the chain reached 12 branches to cover 400,000 residents and 3 million tourists a year , the chain seeks the international criteria and going on development as one of the biggest chains in Egypt. The chain has a great variety of domestic and imported products, as well as different sections that range from home appliances to vegetables, fruits and fresh bakery.

Address: Al Hegaz Street , industrial area, Hurghada-Red Sea
Tel & Fax: 0653548432-3

Healthy food for trading
It is the most recent of the group, it is specialized in food importing &canning. The company has created a new brand by which the company will have its own production line both imported and canned food under the name of "Healthy" the head office of Healthy Food is located in Cairo This is considered to be a new beginning for the group to cover the whole nation and not only Red Sea and South of Egypt.

Address: 54 A, The Swiss quarter A, Gate 2, Al Asher quarter – Nasr City
Tel: 0222710520

Red Sea for Trading and Supplies
It is the pioneer company in the Red sea and South Egypt for supply of construction materials. This company has contributed throughout the past years in supplying iron, cement and other construction marterials to be used in building up hotels, touristic villages and resorts in Red Sea and even contributed in developing many areas in Hurghada and south Egypt. The company has 30huge trucks to supports transportation of construction materials, so the company consider as a leader in their field.

Address: El Hegaz Street, industrial area
Tel: 065-3541570

Senzo Mega Mall
It is the first and biggest Mega Mall in Red Sea and South Egypt that will open on 2008 ; the mall is being built on area of 60.000m2 . The mall is divided into Hypermarket on area 8000m2 and commercial shops starting from 80 m2 to 2000 m2 , also a Gas station , kids park and sports club which established for Hurghada residents
Senzo Mega Mall lies in one of the most attractive centers of Red Sea as it is a cross road through which one can go to Hurghada, Makadi Bay, Sahl Hasheesh and Soma Bay. This attractive location was selected to create a new strong shopping spot for Red Sea area.

El Baraka for Real Estate & Touristic projects
According to the expansion policy in Red Sea and Hurghada; the group has established a company to support the government plan for development and housing in Red Sea . The company has established many projects in such a short period of time as Abu Ashara mall, Al Bostan mall , Family Market and also many housing compounds along Hurghada.

Cleopatra Trading Group
It was estabilished 3 years ago to serve Hurghada tourists. The company import all what Hurghada tourists need for their shopping, it displays those products in its variant shops in Hurghada which brings variety when shopping. Products range from souvenirs, papyrus, gold and silver works to all Egyptian and pharaonic items. Certainly a variety to keep a good memory.

Address: El Nakhiel Mall, El Hegaz Street, Hurghada
Tel & Fax: 065 3449138

Sun City:

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